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Craig Marshall

The USD 244 Board of Education allows public comment at their regularly scheduled board meetings.  Not all boards allow public comment.  I thought I would share some guidelines on public comment rules for everyone.


The board allows up to 5 minutes for patrons to talk if they show-up and sign-in indicating their desire to speak at meetings.  Concerns dealing with personnel or curriculum should be referred to the superintendent or another administrator first before public comment as we rely on our staff to resolve many of these concerns.  If a member of the public tries to become involved with board discussions during agenda items, the board president may say something to the extent of agenda items are reserved for discussion by the board and other individuals as determined by the board.  The public input portion of the meeting was held earlier.  If you have additional concerns, please visit with one of the administrators or the board after the meeting or present your concern next month during the Public Comment section of the meeting.    


During the Public Comment section of the board meeting, the board will not engage in discussion or questions with patrons.  This is not meant to be disrespectful to patrons.  Comments made by patrons are always reviewed by administration and board members as needed.  Follow up meetings are offered many times with patrons as needed.  Please know that all comments made are taken seriously by administration and the board of education. 


Our USD 244 Board of Education members do not get paid for their work.  This is a community service position that they take seriously.  I keep them updated on a weekly basis with e-mails called ‘Friday Notes’ informing them of the great things occurring in our district as well as some of the challenges we face.  Our board members help guide the direction of the district, and they provide me a lot of valuable insight and information.  USD 244 is very lucky to have James Higgins, Lucas Allen, Stacy Augustyn, Monique Hart, Ron Hess, Bob Plummer, and Selena King serve as board members for our school district.


If you ever have any questions, please contact me at or call me at 620-364-8478 EXT. 3040.





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