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District News ➤ Article 16494
Thumbnail Image for Article 16494Superintendent's Corner - May 2018
Posted Date: 04/30/2018

If you remember, last year we asked the public for one mill for five years to do a couple of major projects in USD 244.  This allowed us to utilize our existing capital outlay to maintain and improve our district without putting our district in financial jeopardy to complete these two major projects.  Here is an update on where we stand.

The BHS and BMS science rooms were completed earlier this fall.  The rooms are terrific!  Students and staff now have the facilities they need to be successful in Science.  Our greenhouses are being utilized, and it is wonderful to see plants growing and the classroom being extended into a “hands-on” experience. 

We started to collect taxes on the 1 mill for 5 years this year.  We will collect approximately $480,000 each year until 2022.  The science rooms had a price tag of right at $1.4 million.  If you multiply $480,000 by 5 the total raised will be $2.4 million dollars over 5 years.  That means that we have $1 million to do the gym project. 

Here is a reminder of why the BHS gym renovation is important.  The gym floor is approaching 40 years old.  The floor has very little life left in it as many years of refinishing and sanding have taken place.  Gym floors typically have a life expectancy of 30 years.  Also, we do have some water under the floor on the west end of the gym.  A source of this water was a roof issue that has been resolved.  Due to the water under the gym floor, the boards have started to warp a little.  We have put preventative measures in place utilizing dehumidifiers to take the humidity and moisture out of the gym area.  They are helping a lot.  The floor isn’t compromising safety as the warped boards aren’t on the basketball or volleyball playing area, but they will become a problem if not taken care of.

Quick-hitting questions and answers are below.

When will be start on the gym renovation?        The plan is for the summer of 2020.  That will allow us to collect some more money from our 1 mill for 5 years.

What are some of the things we will do in the gym?       We have already installed LED lights in the BHS and BMS gyms.  They have made a big difference in the lighting and our utility bills.  Cost of a new floor will be about $300,000.  Cost of new bleachers will be about $300,000.  New bleachers need to be installed due to the motors on the old bleachers failing, boards starting to need to be replaced, and the bleachers are sagging.  If they aren’t replaced, they will scratch the new floor.  We will paint and refresh the walls while we have everything torn up.  I don’t have a price tag on this yet.  There will be a few other things that will come up as we do this project.  The big mystery is if there is any damage to the concrete base from the water.  We won’t know until we tear out the floor. 

Will the new floor be different structurally?       Yes.  The floor we have now is a solid construction.  There is a layer of base concrete, a layer of stringers or runners as a sub base, and there is a layer of 1 ¼” maple boards.  The new floor technology has spacing throughout the floor sub base that allows fans to be installed under the floor and operated like a light switch.  This will allow air to circulate under the floor and keep any ground moisture at a minimum. 

Words can’t express how grateful we are that the public supported our plan.  We believe that this plan will help keep all of our facilities updated. 

I continue to feel very fortunate to serve the USD 244 community as your superintendent.  As always, feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions.  My e-mail is cmarshall@usd244ks.org and my phone number is 620-364-8478 Extension 3040.