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District News ➤ Article 16494
Thumbnail Image for Article 16494Superintendent's Corner - January 2019
Posted Date: 01/01/2019

Question and answer time from the superintendent.   

What is SECD (Social Emotional Character Development)?
SECD is something that we focus on with our well-rounded students in USD 244.  It is teaching, practicing, modeling, and encouraging essential personal life habits that are universally understood as making people good human beings and citizens.  In schools SECD includes safe and drug-free schools, service learning, emotional literacy, bullying, violence prevention, embracing diversity, and other topics that help make better people.  This isn’t math, science, or reading.  However, it is very important for future success.  BES, BMS, and BHS all spend time on SECD. 

I have noticed that USD 244 doesn’t have any Standards of Excellence posted in their gym over the past few years.  Why?
KSDE (Kansas State Department of Education) has gone away from this award.  The focus of public schools is a well-rounded education that includes fine arts, career and technical education, core subject areas, extra-curricular activities, internships, and many other components that make a successful graduate from USD 244.  These opportunities for growth start out at BES with programs like physical education, music, counselor classes, the Great Artist Program put on by our PAWS Parent Group, and other programs along with core subjects.  BMS has band and vocal classes, art classes, scholars’ bowl, and electives that promote the growth of students outside their core classes.  BHS has so many opportunities for student success with theater, band, vocal, FFA, athletics, FACS, scholars’ bowl, STUCO, Flint Hills Technical College classes, and many other programs along with a strong core curriculum that prepares students for success in whatever area they may want to pursue. 

What are some changes that I have seen in my 28 years of education? 
This question could take up the whole newspaper.  One thing that is obvious is technology.  In general, technology can be both good and bad.  We have worked hard to create a technology rich school environment while educating students.  We have also focused on the importance of utilizing technology appropriately.  Special education has changed a lot from seclusion for students in separate rooms to student inclusion in the classroom with staff support.  There have been many different student exceptionalities and needs that we have had to become aware of and support in public education over the past 28 years.  In the early 2000’s, the federal and state government focus was on state assessment test scores and No Child Left Behind.  Today, I believe the state of Kansas has the correct educational philosophy with well-rounded students and a strong emphasis on how to help all students be successful after high school.  There have been many different educational philosophies from traditional classroom settings to group/project based learning.  School safety has definitely changed a lot.  As educators, we need to determine what works and evaluate if change is needed to better meet student needs.    

What am I most thankful for during this past holiday season? 
The first thing I am thankful for is my family.  I continue to be blessed with wonderful support from them.  A close second is the school family in USD 244.  The people I work with in the district are really good at their jobs.  Anytime you have the word “public” attached to your job description, it becomes more challenging.  I am very thankful for the many positives in Burlington.  Community groups, local law enforcement, city and county leaders, the Coffey County Republican for allowing me some space in the paper to talk about Burlington Public Schools, the many patrons I come in contact with that give me positives and suggestions for the district, and many other groups too numerous to mention.  As I have said before, BURLINGTON ROCKS!

I feel very fortunate to serve our community as your superintendent.  If you have any questions, please contact me at your convenience.  My phone number is 620-364-8478 Extension 3040.  You can e-mail me at cmarshall@usd244ks.org anytime.  Happy New Year!!